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SociallyViral is a beautifully designed WordPress theme that is built to be engaging, fast, and most importantly, boost viral traffic.

As website owners, we are always looking for ways to get an insane amount of traffic for little or no effort. Since MyThemeShop themes come with social options built-in and we optimize the location of buttons as well as ads for most traffic + revenue, we offer a unique blend of elegantly designed and profit-making themes. MyThemeShop is known for creating products that help you with the traffic problem and we are really proud of SociallyViral because users have created a lot of high-traffic websites with it. One such example is They used our theme to create a website that was eventually sold for $100 million. That might sound unbelievable but check this article on BusinessInsider to read how Scott DeLong turned a MyThemeShop powered website into a $100 million empire. One of our blog articles shows you exactly ​how ViralNova did it. You can read about how to ​get 100 million visitors in 6 months here. Over the past few months, our users have successfully launched dozens of websites getting over 100K visitors per day with SociallViral theme. Now, you can do the same. SociallyViral theme was created to solve one problem, getting easy traffic. While solving that problem, we solved a plethora of other ones just to make sure that SociallyViral is the best theme you can ever have on your website. SociallyViral comes with all the best features you would expect in a modern theme. It is 100% responsive, compatible with all the latest browsers, and built keeping in mind the latest search engine guidelines. This theme puts more focus on image content and social sharing. It is the perfect recipe for a website that wants to grab the attention of hundreds of thousands of visitors on social media. The homepage is built to be attractive and to entire more clicks from visitors that come your way. Your visitors will be left asking for more content which translates into more pageviews.


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